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Tier Information

Beginner Tier

Everyone's gotta start somewhere 🤷‍♀️

Standard Tier

Requirement: You've completed our simple debit card validation via our partner SendWyre.

  • Good for occasional users.
  • Access to our 9 top choice brands.
  • Max card value of 100 dollars.

Bulk Seller Tier

Requirement: Identity verification via our partner SendWyre

  • Access to all 200 brands we offer
  • Special bulk seller tools
  • High Priority Support/Payments
  • No hard limits on volume

Common issues: Make sure your adblocker is off. Don't use a VOIP phone number. Make sure you upload both sides of your ID and your name/info matches the rest of the form.


Premium Tier

Requirement: You've completed our Bulk Seller validation.

  • All the benefits of the previous tiers
  • 8% higher rates on ALL cards
  • Low, limited time introductory rate
  • Good for users with 300+ dollars a month in volume

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