Trade your unwanted Starbucks gift cards for 58% of their value and receive the cryptocurrency of your choice to your wallet.

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Meet CardxCoin

CardxCoin is the easiest way to get started with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Enter Your Card Info

Choose the type of gift card you have, and enter the gift card number and pin. We do not store or use this information until you have accepted our offer.

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Get an Offer

You will be shown an offer of exactly how much bitcoin we will pay you for your particular gift card.


Get your Coins

We will send your cryptocurrency to the wallet you submitted. It takes 3 days on average

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

    Here's a very brief introduction:

    Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are a new kind of digital currency that even strangers can safely send and receive without relying on banks and governments (decentralized currency). An illustrated guide to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

    Ethereum is a platform for creating decentralized applications and uses a currency called Ether. In the same way that Bitcoin has decentralized money, Ethereum can decentralize anything. An illustrated guide to Ethereum.

  • Where do I get a wallet?

    We do not currently store your coins (we are investigating adding custodial wallets!) so you will need to create a wallet before using this service. Similarly to a physical wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet is designed to hold your money so that no one without the digital keys can access it.

  • What are my responsibilites?

    For us to deliver your cryptocurrency, you need to ensure that the gift card: legally belongs to you, you agree to relinquish the funds, and you will abide by the terms of service. We will hold you responsible for the gift card for 180 days after you sell it to us.

  • Can I cancel?

    We can cancel your order if it has been listed with us but not yet sold to a buyer. Please do not simply use the card after sending it to us, this is against our terms of service. It's important to tell us ASAP ( Otherwise, we cannot cancel.

  • How much will I get paid?

    The amount you recieve depends on the brand of gift card you have. Note that 100% of the balance of the card will be sold. You should check the card balance with the retailer before use. You will recieve an offered rate before you sell the card.

  • What are the buying limits?

    The minimum value on the gift card must be 10 dollars. Once verified, 2500 dollars+ volume a month.

  • How long will it take?

    You will usually recieve your cryptocurrency within 3 business days. You are always welcome to contact support if your order is taking longer than anticipated.

  • The cryptocurrency I want isn't listed.

    We have just recently relaunched our service and adding back our previous tokens is a priority. For additional cryptocurrency inquisitions, hit us up at The more people who ask for the addition of a cryptocurrency, the more likely it is that we will add it.

  • What kind of verification is required?

    For gift card purchases, we simply require a connected bank account. In the event that we cannot contact you and we cannot send cryptocurrency to the wallet you provide, the money will be deposited in your bank account.

    We provide no verification required cryptocurrency purchases in the form of debit card purchases.